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Shelby County District Attorney's Drug Dealer Eviction and Anti-Trespass Initiatives

Posted by Josh Kahane on March 14th, 2012


Administered by the West Tennessee Violent Crime and Drug Task Force, the Drug Dealer Eviction Program seeks to assist property management prosecute the claims necessary to remove drug dealers from neighborhoods and multi-family residential apartment complexes.

If a drug offense occurs in a rental property and involves drug possession with intent to sell, the violator is now subject not only to criminal prosecution but immediate eviction as well.  If management has not already begun the eviction process, the District Attorney’s Office will send a “Notice of Illegal or Drug Related Activity” to the landlord or management company.  Upon receipt, management must proceed with filing and prosecuting an eviction, or else, the law allows the District Attorney’s Office to proceed with the eviction on management’s behalf. 

The District Attorney’s Office has door-hangers, brochures and signs that can be used by management to         encourage citizens to call in tips to Crime Stoppers about drug dealing at multi-family complexes.  

For more information, the District Attorney’s Drug Dealer Evictions Task Force can be reached at 901-545-3433.



The recently announced Anti-Trespass Initiative is a program sponsored by the District Attorney's Office and executed by the Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff's Department.  The Initiative aims at assisting multi-family owners and management companies in keeping people out of apartment communities unless they are tenants or invited guests. 

Under this program, participating properties allow the Memphis Police    Department and the Sheriff’s Department free access to the property, with the ability to arrest for criminal trespass anyone who is not a tenant, a   family member of a tenant, or an invited guest. 

In order to enroll in the Anti-Trespass Initiative, property management must contact Jackie Condrey, Investigator for the Shelby County District Attorney's Office, at (901) 222-1397.  Properties will be asked to sign a participant affidavit, place “No Trespass” signs on property, and notify   tenants, in writing, of the property’s participation in the anti-trespass initiative. 

Once these steps are accomplished, the property will be considered an active participant in the program and the      District Attorney's Office will notify the local police precinct to start inspections for anyone that is not authorized to be on the property. 

Both the Drug Dealer Eviction and Anti-Trespass Initiatives are valuable tools that management can, and should, utilize to help maintain a safe and productive environment on property. 

Should you have any questions regarding either of these initiatives, please do not hesitate to contact me at (901) 576-1701.



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