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Satellite Dishes: Landlords’ Rights to Protect vs. Tenants’ Rights to Enjoy

Posted by and Josh Kahane on December 14th, 2011

Increasingly, multi-family owners and management companies are facing issues relating to tenants who hire independent third parties to install satellite dishes on the exterior of their apartments. These    dishes provide television, phone, and internet services to the tenant.  The law seeks to balance the rights of multi-family owners and management companies to protect their properties with the tenants’ lease based contractual right to enjoy their apartments.  

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an independent agency of the United States government which regulates all aspects of broadband media, allows multi-family owners and management companies to prohibit placement of satellite dishes in places which might potentially damage or compromise the exterior of the complex’s building, while at the same time prohibiting owners and management companies from “unreasonably” objecting to installation of “pizza-style” satellite dishes, not larger than one meter in diameter, when installed in safe and non-damaging locations.

Specifically, multi-family owners and management companies may prohibit placement of  satellite dishes on the following areas:

-  Rooftops

-  Window Sills

-  Common Use Balconies

-  Breeze-Ways

-  Stairwells

-  Exterior Walls

However, multi-family owners and management companies, may not  “unreasonably” prevent tenants from installing satellite dishes on private balconies, private patios, and private gardens, so long as, no holes are drilled in outsides walls, the roof, windows, or balcony railings.

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